Ridgeway Clocks

Picture of Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Furniture Outlet of Ridgeway is proud to offer Ridgeway Clocks to our customers at a great savings. Crafted by American clockmakers since 1926, Ridgeway is the oldest continually produced clock brand in the United States.

In addition to a rich tradition of quality, Ridgeway remains the industry leader by offering innovative features such as the "Never Wind," the industry’s only synchronous grandfather clock. This clock offers all the beauty of a traditional weight-driven clock without the need to wind it every seven days.

Ridgeway Clocks' local roots extend to Martinsville Speedway. In 1964, Martinsville Speedway founder H. Clay Earles decided it was time to offer a new kind of trophy for winners at his track. His choice? A grandfather clock made by Ridgeway's own Ridgeway Clocks. That year, Earles awarded the first Ridgeway Clock trophy to Fred Lorenzen, the winner of the Old Dominion 500. This tradition continues today, with Ridgeway Clocks' most strking clock, the Independence Grandfather Clock. This strking clock is the only clock in the world that plays "God Bless America" and "America the Beautiful" in additon to the traditional Westminster chime.

Regardless of which model you choose, Ridgeway Clocks are certain to become a legacy that will passed on to family members for generations to come. Stop by Furniture Outlet of Ridgeway soon to view our complete line of Ridgeway Clocks.